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What will it cost?

I appreciate that cost is often an important consideration for customers. I will never knowingly squander your hard-earned money. My costs are competitive, I hope you might think that the information provided is in fact priceless. This is certainly a feeling I have experienced when finding that little gem of a piece, in the jigsaw of my own family history.

It is difficult here to cover every possible assignment. I would like the opportunity to send you an individual estimate, tailored to your needs.

For basic research I normally have a package rate to suit the assignment. I would like the opportunity to send you an individual estimate tailored to your needs.

I do not normally charge you for my time travelling time locally on assignments.

Apart from my time, there may be associated costs to the establishments who hold the records to be searched. These are generally modest sums. There may be costs associated with purchasing documents or books you require. Alongside my standard researching fee, the cost you pay will generally be as if you had purchased these yourself. I also charge postage and packaging rates at cost.

To manage costs I will give you an estimate associated with your research. I am more than willing to agree not to exceed a desired sum, on a protracted enquiry.

I hope at the end of the day that you will be satisfied by my work. My aim is to provide you with value for money. I am saving you a most precious commodity, your own time, working for you alongside your busy lives.

Terms of payment.

If you agree for me to undertake work for you I will complete this as soon as I am able. I will come to a mutual arrangement convenient to you for payment.

If an assignment has especially high costs, I sometimes ask for a deposit during the completion of the work. you will have a full reason for this sum, which usually covers the cost of items already purchased for you, eg birth or marriage certificates.

I have set up a simple system for international payments, for the convenience of those who wish this. Payment Methods.

I am now able to take the following forms of Payment:

. Direct Bank Transfer into a UK bank
. Cheque's in Pounds Sterling
. Paypal (ideal for persons not residing in the UK)

Please contact me for any further details regarding payment.

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